Offering superior protective products to healthcare professionals and other service personnel since 1979

Janin Group is proud to be a company focused on providing excellence in products and services to healthcare professionals and other service personnel. We provide unique products for personnel, environmental, and equipment protection via protective barrier covers against fluid and particulate contamination and damage.

First developed and designed in 1980, our Pedidry® Waterproof Protective Shoe Covers provide superior protection against personal or environmental contamination in a variety of settings: primarily healthcare personnel during medical procedures, but also available for manufacturing employees during sensitive assembly processes; food preparation; professional service and repair personnel (such as plumbers and painters); and a large range of other uses.

Mediseal® Footswitch Covers, introduced in 1981, provide a barrier between sensitive equipment and a messy environment, protecting footswitches from corrosion and contamination in a variety of settings, including medical, dental, and other non-healthcare fields.

Since our founding in 1979, as the first U.S. medical manufacturers’ representative and distribution company selling arthroscopes and other orthopedic equipment, Janin Group has consistently been on the forefront of innovative medical techniques, procedures, and products.

Janin Group: Your protection is more than our business; it’s our passion.

Company Qualities

  • Our Passion: Serving the healthcare community and other service personnel with products and services tailored to their needs
  • Our Focus: Not only healthcare professionals, but also other personnel in a variety of non-healthcare settings
  • Our Expertise: Protective products for personal and equipment protection: Pedidry® Waterproof Shoe Covers and Mediseal® Footswitch Covers

Quality Standards:

Janin Group’s Quality System complies with the U.S. FDA's QSR 21 CFR 807/820.

All Janin Group products are FDA-registered.